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Probably the best guitar teacher in the world......

John Grindey is a UK based Guitarist who teaches and performs across the South of England. A graduate of the famous Guitar Institute of Technlogy (Hollywood, CA) and graduated with Honours. Since then he has made it his mission to train guitar players to be better than he was at their age and has had huge success as a result! He has taught 1000's of students and is a world class guitar teacher. Endorsed by Carvin Guitars and has demonstrated at the Guitar Expo, Hammersmith, London and taught at the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM), in the USA.

Other notable achievements have been : recorded three instrumental virtuoso guitar albums and his album Better Than Mugging Old Ladies (available on iTunes) was the first UK shred album (1992); Featured on Total Guitar (CD) twice; Winner and finalist of Dyas Scholarship, John Lennon's art council award and the Eric Clapton Fender Scholarship.

Student Comments:

On watching John Grindey's Guitar lesson on YouTube-
'Awesome, John, Awesome'- 'Immense'- 'Freakin' awesome performance'- 'Amazing'

On watching John's demonstration of Eric Johnson's 'Cliffs of Dover'-
Good job, very clean- Wow, Nice!- Nice job, very talented- Really fantastic, great job man