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Absolute beginners of all Ages


Welcome to all new learners of the most exciting instrument!

Learning any instrument is a fun but sometimes daunting task, especially on one which attracts the most unqualified opinions when it comes to opinion of improvement. Getting it right from the start is paramount and this instrument is no exception.

Technique and reading are fundamental to the guitar just as they are in ALL instruments. My experience shows me that typically terrible lessons are the one's where unqualified teachers show students dumbed down excerpts or ten second bursts from songs leading the student to achieving zero repertoire knowledge. (The school of rock is a comedy not a lesson plan!!!)

Every students should have personal goals and my lesson plans will reflect this incorporating your wishes. Thanks for reading and hope we make contact soon!

- All levels/all ages/all styles

- CRB checked by 7 Schools and Colleges in Hampshire.

- The latest child protection certificate from South Downs College

- Cert Ed means qualified teacher

- From ages 6-76

- First trial lesson £10.00 for 30 minutes

- Weekend or evening slots

- Every other week option for booking to reduce cost

- No Direct debit


- No extra charge for teaching more than one at a time

- No requirement for a month in advance

- No sharing with other students

- Pay as you go

- Grades 1-8 taught

- Diploma taught

- Licentiate taught

- A level performance as standard (I teach at 3 colleges)

- All materials included from the largest personal resource

- Amplification(choice) and Guitar(choice) heaven...No need to bring your own guitar

- 2 different monitor systems to create live sound!

- Cubase if GCSE performances are required....Amps miked up and ready to go.

- Guitar pro 6 for compositional help

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